If you are designing a Group ad event, take this logo to your local paper to use in the ad. Or have them download a logo.

We at the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor are excited and hopeful that you will have fun and make money on your BUY-WAY Yard Sale event this year! We have made a commitment to promote yard sale activities along the Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway...and this includes all alignments of it; i.e., those roads that were once the Highway that may have been moved to straighter alignments up to 1928. The Ohio Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor (OLHHC) is not responsible or liable for any personal or public activities connected with this event.

Here are some helpful tips on hosting a successful sale.

The idea of the BUY-WAY Yard Sale is to bring people to rediscover the lesser traveled path of the original Lincoln Highway, once a bustling road that began connecting America by automobiles, and changed the way we travel today. This event encourages small businesses to gain revenues through increased tourism. This activity helps the local economy. It is our goal to "preserve, interpret and promote the Lincoln Highway. Our effort will strengthen education, increase tourism and encourage economic development along America¹s first coast-to-coast paved highway."

Getting Started...

Churches, organizations and multiple table hosts:

You may also want to provide a packaging booth for shipping purchased items. Contact local shipping stores, or designated UPS shipper businesses for partnering in this add-on money-maker.


BUY-WAY Yard Sale Signs: Using our BUY-WAY yard sign, draw arrows pointing the direction of your location. There is ample space to the right of the logo for other important wording such as your location or hours, or even a specific featured item.

Churches, Organizations and multiple table hosts:



Build a Project Kit!

Here is a valuable idea that will save you time, money and frustration at any event you become involved. Buy a cheap or used toolbox, then fill it with those mission-critical tools that you will need at the drop of a hat to save the day. Here are some items: ink pen, pencil, masking tape, duct tape, clear tape, double-stick tape, push pins, thumb tacks (maybe take just a few and place them into a small vial, you don't need a whole box of each), rubber bands, small wood screws, post-it notes, thick tipped black and red permanent marker, small bullet point permanent marker, scissors, X-Acto knife with a protective sleeve, box cutter, small measuring tape, length of nylon rope, 6-foot extension cord, 3-prong electrical plug adapter, pocket calculator, pad of paper, sheet-sized cardboard for emergency signs, and the obvious...a tack hammer. A multi-head screwdriver is a lifesaver, pliers, bottle opener, small clamps and (roll up a mini-roll of) paper towels! Believe it or not, you can put this together for under $20 new from a deep discount or closeouts store and it will be your best friend at future projects!

Remember that you are welcome to use this logo to promote your yard sale activities, but NOT to produce items for resale. For resale signature items, please call 330-456-8319.