Lincoln Highway Association (LHA)

A national advocacy group comprised of over 1,000 members worldwide who support the history and preservation of the road.

The association holds a convention every June somewhere along the road and offers bus tours, seminars and socializing as well as an annual meeting.

In 1992, historians gathered to rebirth the Lincoln Highway Association, the original organization that created the road in 1913. By 2000 there were over 1,000 members, with 120 in Ohio alone.

Ohio Lincoln Highway League (OLHL)

This state organization representing the national Lincoln Highway Association, is comprised of three local chapters along the 241-mile corridor in the state. (All Lincoln Highway states have active chapters as well). The individual Western, Mid-Ohio and Eastern Ohio chapters meet monthly at a restaurant for a dinner meeting and program. For information on how to join, call 330-456-8319 or visit:

Ohio Lincoln Highway Historic Byway
(or Heritage Corridor) (OLHHC)

Our organization, which is dedicated to the travel & tourism part of preserving the history through economic support. Businesses and convention bureaus benefit from our efforts, and in return they help promote the road.

Friends of the Byway

This is your way of supporting the efforts of our organization.